Ellen Page Has Been on Instagram for 14 Hours, so Why Haven't You Followed Her Yet?

Give a tiny Canadian an Instagram handle...

Ellen Page
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You've already seen what she can do with 140 characters:

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Now Ellen Page has a whole square photo and enough space to write Nat Geo-length captions if she wants to! The X-Men: Days of Future Past actress "joined this brand new cool thing called Instagram" on Wednesday, and she's already uploaded three photos from Rio and accumulated more followers than you and I will ever have.

This one looks fun. Is it Carnival? (Probably.) Is that Giovanni Ribisi? (Don't think so.)

Chill night.

Some Twitter users are suggesting this is part of a favela, or slum. In any case, we're assuming this is Ellen getting "artsy."

Welcome to Insta, @ellenpage! May your profile pics always contain samurai helmets. 

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