A Eulogy for Tinkerbell Hilton (2001–2015)

Farewell, old friend. Farewell, childhood.

Paris Hilton
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Tinkerbell Hilton, who survived scratchy, skirted outfits and kidnapping attempts to become the preeminent Chihuahua of our time, died Wednesday. She was 14.

Ms. Hilton began her career as a shriveled, bleary-eyed hand ornament, but soon rose to prominence as the universe's first canine reality star. On The Simple Life, she charmed audiences as large as 13.3 million viewers with her sweet personality, commanding stage presence, and unique sense of style best described as a cross between Bernini and Donatella Versace.

Paris Hilton

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She became the embodiment of early-aughts pop culture, appearing in an Ellen von Unwerth-lensed Guess campaign and hosting Saturday Night Live alongside Keenan Thompson. Ms. Hilton was also an accomplished author, publishing The Tinkerbell Diaries: My Life Tailing Paris Hilton to critical acclaim in 2005.

Her survivors include her mother Paris, who raised her as a single parent, and various backup pets, including a Pomeranian, a kitten, and a ferret.

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