When Mindy Kaling Asks You to Make Her a Birthday Dubsmash, You Make Her a Birthday Dubsmash

Lena Dunham delivers.
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Mindy Kaling celebrated her 36th birthday yesterday the way we pretty much all want to celebrate our birthdays—in pajamas, wearing a crown, eating McDonald's, watching a scary movie. (No? Just me?)

[instagram align='center']https://instagram.com/p/4Uo2pbJQ8E/?taken-by=mindykaling[/instagram]

But the actress also took the time to call out her friend Lena Dunham for a special birthday wish:

[twitter align='center']https://twitter.com/mindykaling/status/613762973924896768[/twitter]

And Dunham did not disappoint. Even though it looks like she was in the middle of working on Girls, the actress/producer/writer/hero granted Kaling's wish—and made us all envious of Hollywood's propensity for cool-girl friendships.

[instagram align='center']https://instagram.com/p/4VDGx5C1AP/?taken-by=lenadunham[/instagram]


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