Jemima Kirke, Hairy Armpit Advocate, Is an Unsung Hero

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Blindly shaving your armpits as you struggle to wake up in the morning/shove last night's pizza in your mouth is a chore at the best of times. But perhaps it's time to stop caring about the cascading mane of free-flowing hair under your arm. Perhaps it's time to accept the fact that armpits are hairy and just roll with them like Jemima Kirke before us.

The Girls actress sported ungroomed underarms while attending the Center For Reproductive Rights 2015 Gala at The MET on October 27, proving that hairy armpits can be high fashion. Jemima paired the look with bright red lips, a sleek updo, and a simple slip dress. 

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(Image credit: Archive)

To be honest, Jemima's armpits are an afterthought when looking at these photos. And to be even more honest, who shaves during the winter anyway? (Real question.)

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