Swedish Actress Alicia Vikander Confirms the Suspicion: People in Hollywood Don't Eat Food

"Where are the plates?!"

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Swedish actress Alicia Vikander—who stars in The Danish Girl, so good luck keeping her country of origin straight—is adjusting well to Hollywood life. But the thing she'll never get? Actors' aversion to food.

"People don't eat!" Vikander told E! News about life in L.A. "There's a lot of food everywhere and I'm like, 'Where are the plates?!' It's always like that. It's not like that in Sweden where I come from. You sit down and have a meal and celebrate properly."

The 27-year-old rising star and cooking aficionado admits she generally heads to a restaurant after every red carpet event. "I go to those things and I just realize this is just the place where you get really, really hungry," she said. 

We can be friends, Vikander. We can definitely be friends. 🍕 🍔 🍟 🍗 🍝 🍰

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