Jared Leto Is Suing TMZ Over the "F—k Taylor Swift" Video

"This was an invasion of privacy."

Jared Leto and Taylor Swift
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He might have made peace with the legions of Swifties calling for his head (opens in new tab), but Jared Leto's troubles aren't over—according to the Hollywood Reporter (opens in new tab), he's now suing TMZ for publishing the illegally obtained video in which he criticizes Taylor Swift.

"This was stolen footage," the Thirty Seconds to Mars frontman said in a statement to THR. "This was an invasion of privacy. And it was both legally and morally wrong."

In a complaint filed in California federal court, Leto said that a videographer on his retainer filmed him disparaging Swift's music and later delivered it to TMZ in exchange for $2,000. Shortly before TMZ posted the video online, the videographer, who had previously refused to sign a document confirming he owned the footage, admitted he did not have the legal right to sell it.

For now, the video remains live, but if the suit goes far, it could change how TMZ digs up its information on celebrities. 

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