Tina Fey Beat Rachel Maddow in a Cheese Battle, Because of Course

Don't even try to question her knowledge of chevre.

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If there's one thing we know about Tina Fey thanks to hours of devoted 30 Rock viewing, it's that she knows her way around cheese. Evidence:


Tina put her knowledge to the test during a game of Know It All with Rachel Maddow on The Tonight Show, and the results? Total domination. Tina and Rachel were asked to name as many cheeses as they could during round three of the game, and when Rachel tried to pull a fast one by saying "chevre" after Tina had already said "goat," Tina yelled "CHEVRE IS GOAT" and took home the win. (All-caps definitely necessary.)

It was a truly beautiful moment for people who love cheese and people who love Tina Fey, so basically everyone:

Tina also talked to Jimmy Fallon about casting Martin Freeman as her love interest in Whiskey Tango Foxtrot as opposed to Ryan Gosling, or one of the lesser known Hemsworth brothers. Watch their chat below for prime lols:

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