Elizabeth Banks Is Out to Squash the Idea That Women Aren't Funny

Which is why she started a whole new website to do just that.

Elizabeth Banks
(Image credit: Getty Imges)

Anyone with a brain and a sense of humor has *probably* figured out by now that, yes, women are funny. While many of you might be wondering, How is this still a thing?, rest assured, it is—but Elizabeth Banks is helping crush that stereotype with her newest project.

Chatting with Ellen, the actress/producer/writer/all around hilarious woman discussed the mission of her new site—WhoHaHa.com—all about the "who behind the ha-ha." 

"I grew up staying up late to watch Saturday Night Live, and I started out with Jane Curtin when I was young and Julia Louis Dreyfus and then Cheri Oteri and Molly Shannon and all these great women," she said. "I felt like who haha could provide a place for young women because everything is online now and they could see some role models and get inspired like I was when I was young."

Do the damn thing, Banks. Watch the full interview below:

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