Wendy Williams Has an Insane/Brilliant Conspiracy Theory About the Whole 'Lemonade' Debacle

Well, this is something.

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As the witch-hunt for Becky with the good hair continues, Wendy Williams has raised a valid point: What if it's all a setup?

During an episode of her daytime talk show Monday, the presenter suggested that Bey, Jay, and Becky denier Rachel Roy are in on the whole thing. "Rachel Roy, first of all, you're not this fighting girl unless you're on Jay Z and Beyoncé's payroll, and they paid you to mix it up to add, I guess, sales for Lemonade," Williams said.

Skip to 13:57 to see what she says:

Then she criticized Beyoncé for not waiting longer to drop her album out of respect for Prince, but that is neither here nor there. What is truly important is that she's been onto the music's Iluminati-est couple since 2014. (Start around the 4-minute mark.) 

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