Let's Talk About Diane Kruger's Look at the Valentino Show

She can literally rock anything.

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Let's talk about Diane Kruger. Diane Kruger is great. She's beautiful, talented, not to mention deviously hilarious. She is also capable of wearing literally anything on the planet while looking sophisticated and wonderful.

The proof? This outfit that Kruger wore to the Valentino show during Paris Fashion Week.

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Let's analyze. Kruger is wearing a lace top, embellished fur coat, and distressed high-water jeans. When you break this outfit down to its parts, it's the kind of thing you'd expect to see on a thrift store-obsessed teen in an '80s more, not on one of the most fashionable adult women in 2016.

But all together and on Diane Kruger, it looks like the highest of high fashion, probably because she accessorizes with pure confidence.

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Bravo, Diane Kruger. Bravo.

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