Drop Everything: The 'Girls' Season 6 Teaser Is Here

It really is almost over 😩.

The new teaser of Girls season six is here and there's so much going on that we are having a hard time keeping our cool. *Breathes* It starts out with Hannah sitting down outside her house—mildly annoyed—when Marni and Desi pull up in a red convertible. Hannah gets in and then we dive into the season...

Things we know so far: Shit seems to be getting real with Shoshana who tells Elijah in an elevator that she's kind of freaking out, Hannah is taking surfboarding lessons (sure?), Elijah is at a dance rehearsal in his element (sure x 2), and Adam and Jessa are excited about um, something??

Like the trailer says—this is it...the last chance to "get it right." Here we go.

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Catch the season premiere of Girlson HBO on February 12 at 10 p.m. EST.

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