Bruno Mars' Carpool Karaoke Is Here and Never Has Any Celebrity Enjoyed Themselves More

Nonstop smiling, nonstop cool.

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Whether you'd made a point of staying up or simply turned it on so you'd have something to watch while you rummaged for drunchies, Bruno Mars' exceedingly delightful Carpool Karaoke premiere is absolutely, 100 percent Worth It. A shortlist of reasons:

  1. He sounds nearly identical to his recorded self, which, how many singers can you say that about these days?
  2. When he gives James Corden a lesson in being cool
  3. "Wine and wet wipes"
  4. How *happy* this natural-born, blindingly white-toothed entertainer seems to be there

    Wow. What's that like, point #4? Let Mr. "I Can Wear Literally Any Ridiculous Hat" show you here.

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