Simone Biles Had the Best Response to a Troll Who Called Her "Trash"

Um, wow.

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It's a well-known fact that gymnast Simone Biles has to deal with a lot of ridiculous and petty BS. Like, remember the time she was told to smile more (opens in new tab)? Literally, ugh.

But thanks to trolls trolling, the Olympian has developed a thick skin, and is willing and ready to defend herself when the situation calls for it. And um, the situation most definitely called for it when someone hit her Instagram to accuse her of partying too hard and being "trash"—simply because she's taking a year-long break from gymnastics.

The photo in question:

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The comment:

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Simone's response:

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Biles explained her response in a Twitter post, writing "Comments like this have me shook. I really wanted to blur her name out so she doesn't get attention. but it is what it is."

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Someone please her a gold medal in shutting down trolls, she's earned it.

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