Watch It Now: The 5 Greatest Things About the New Gatsby Trailer

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Baz Luhrmann's insanely anticipated version of The Great Gatsby has been on our cinematic to-do list since it was originally scheduled to premiere in December. Luhrmann, who first brought Leonardo DiCaprio to life in Romeo + Juliet, promises to deliver a reboot chock-full of rich details, both literally and figuratively. We were pleasantly surprised this morning when the film's latest trailer hit the internet, and now we truly can't wait for its May 10 release. Here, what we're most excited to see in this new trailer.

#1: That soundtrack

Just in these two minutes and 44 seconds, we get a teaser for the all-original musical genius that Jay-Z is producing. There's a little bit of Lana Del Rey's smoky vocals, a tinge of Florence and the Machine's power belting, and, obviously, Beyonce's cover of Amy Winehouse's "Back to Black."

#2: Miuccia Prada's lust-worthy costumes

Think all-over lace, embellished detailing, and ruffles on just about everything. The 1920s ingenue has never looked so couture.

#3: A role that could finally land Leo DiCaprio an Oscar

Mr. DiCaprio is known among moviegoers and award show-viewers alike for being snubbed by the Academy for many a role he's played in his storied career. This trailer promises a troubled and eccentric depiction that will do Jay Gatsby proud.

#4: The return of Tobey Maguire

We first fell in love with the soft-spoken sweetheart more than 10 years ago in Pleasantville and have never really forgotten our adoration for the actor. And although he hasn't been in anything major since 2009, we welcome him back with open arms.

#5: Sensory overload, in the best way possible

For those who go to movies to escape, there's no film like a Luhrmann one to make us feel completely enwrapped. Expect rich colors, exaggerated lighting, and excessive set design — lots of superlatives for a movie that promises to be anything but minimal.

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