This Crazy 'Carrie' Prank Is FRIGHTENING

What if telekinesis was real and you just so happened to stumble upon it while picking up your morning latte? Welcome to the 2013 world of Carrie, a remake of 1976's original adaption of Stephen King's seriously spooky novel. In it, bad-ass 16-year-old Chloë Grace Moretz plays a shy, bullied high schooler who discovers she has telekinesis. And what more appropriate way is there to promote a modern-day remake than with a 3 million-and-counting viral video?

With the expert help of Sony, the video uses a fake wall, remote-controlled tables and chairs, and spring-loaded books and artwork to give the prank some gusto. When Carrie gets irritated, parts (literally) go flying. Watch the clip above, and catch Carrie when it hits theaters on Oct. 18.

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