Wine Lessons from The Bachelor: Episode 4

Each week GrapeFriend sums up each episode with what we've learned about wine from Ben's journey to find love.

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We're down to 8 girls, and our Bachelor winemaker is slowly drinking his way through the season. From a wine-loving perspective, Courtney's definitely the frontrunner to be paired with Ben. She's almost always drinking wine, and with a schemer like Courtney you have to think that's an intentional move to make her look like she'd be a good wine wife. She's even drinking in her solo interviews! Masterful.

As long as she doesn't get more into the grape than the guy, she'll go far in the contest and is already one of the two girls Ben has a real "connection" with (most overused word on the show). Anyway, Courtney's a great grapefriend, so in her honor we're rolling out her finest quotes along with the perfect wines to accompany them!

Quote: "When I'm around him I blossom."

Drink: Wine that opens up = Cabernet

Cab's a great example of a wine that can really change once you swirl it around— you aerate it and bring out its bouquet. On first sniff you might just get a little blackberry, but once it's exposed to air for a while it'll open up and you can smell some cedar, eucalyptus, maybe even some chocolate. Same goes for dating— you want someone who brings out your good qualities and who'll learn you'll learn more about over time. As we learned with Rachel, you don't wanna be the girl who doesn't get a rose because you couldn't open up.

Quote: "I'm gonna turn this group date into a one-on-one date."

Drink: Wine that's been manipulated = California Chardonnay

Chardonnay from California is often aged in new oak barrels (some winemakers even add oak chips into the barrels), giving it a really buttery taste and hiding the most of the flavor of the fruit. Like oak, Courtney's a master manipulator. Both with Ben (being all "it's so hard to watch you with other girls" to get the rose in private) and with the girls' self-esteem (pre-rose ceremony she was overtly lounging there in front of the fire with her rose laid across her lap). Genius tactics.

Quote: "I want to verbally assault her."

Drink: Wine with bite = Sauvignon Blanc

Courtney finds out that Emily disses her to Ben and starts getting all Mob Wives about it. The girls constantly complain about how mean Courtney is, but sometimes a zinger here or there can be refreshing (especially when you're watching The Bachelor - someone's gotta keep it interesting). Sauvignon Blanc has a lot of acidity, and would be the perfect glass to have in hand while reaming someone out. I'm surprised Courtney's usually drinking red and not grabbing the SB.

Quote: "I'm a nice person. Don't f*ck with me."

Drink: Two-faced wine = Riesling

This wine has the perfect balance of sweetness and acidity. But the key word is balance – you don't want someone too sweet (I hope Kacie B. doesn't start to get like this since she's been all sugar so far) and you don't want a total bitch either. Courtney's got to just start blending her actions together.

Quote: "I want to rip her head off."

Drink: Wine with muscle = Syrah

Syrah makes a bold, intense (and yummy) wine. It's often added to Pinot Noir to lend some backbone and color. And if you're gonna stand up to girls like Emily who trashtalk you to Ben, you're gonna need backbone.

Quote: "I was just there two months ago." This was Courtney's less than enthusiastic response when Ben very happily announced they're going to Vieques.

Drink: Water. You're a buzzkill.

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