Barbara Walters Spoofs Herself on SNL

[image id='8dc18e51-44be-4f67-a004-ae0066acba49' mediaId='e6d38115-5404-434b-aebf-78a42b4dce51' loc='C'][/image]

TV host and journalist Barbara Walters is set to retire from The View this week. She leaves behind a hefty legacy of iconic interviews and has broken down countless barriers for women in TV. In fact, should you meet her one day, bring a hard hat. There isn't a glass ceiling in town that this woman hasn't put a crack in. (#thankyou)

Before she goes, though, Walters stopped by Saturday Night Live for a montage of the show's spoofs on her historical career, and a few jokes of her own. Watch the illustrious Barbara Walters:

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