The (Imaginary) New Year's Resolutions of 2014's Biggest Stars

We're taking over the resolution-making for seven celebrities who absolutely killed it this year.
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We're taking over the resolution-making for seven celebrities who absolutely killed it this year. Where are they going next? You're about to find out.
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Kendall Jenner
"Now that I've accomplished last year's goal of becoming a real model, I will develop my other passion: writing. I, too, will rise at 5 a.m. every day like Isaac Asimov so that I might also win a Pulitzer. P.S. Never collaborate with Kylie professionally again because Rebels: City of Indra: The Story of Lex and Livia was totally her fault. That girl does not understand colons at all."
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"Write, produce, score, prop-manage, costume-design, and star in a musical titled The Curious Incident of the Scuffle in the Elevator, which I will have filmed on a potato and released late one night to great acclaim. BOOM."
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Taylor Swift
From a Taylor Swift Famous-Girl Illuminati internal memo: "We will continue holding 'super fun listening parties with free cookies' which are, as we all know, TSFGI recruitment sessions. We will also conceal the fact that Olivia Benson is actually a miniature polar bear I developed in the lab underneath my apartment in Tribeca. Finally, I will expose my belly button to the world exactly once to prove I'm human. This may or may not happen when I perform at my third Victoria's Secret Fashion Show."
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Kim Kardashian
"Present my theorem pertaining to the balance of cylindrical objects on the gluteal muscles to the American Physical Society. Kanye thinks I might get published!"
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Emma Watson
"Get my face palmed by Jennifer Lawrence again. It was delightful."
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Jennifer Lawrence
"Pizza. And cover Emma Watson's face with my hand when we're both wearing Dior couture."
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North West
"1. Master Abstract Expressionism. 2. Win top prize at the Venice Biennale. 3. Learn the alphabet."
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