11 Celebs Who Are Way Older Than You Think They Are

We'll have whatever they're having.
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Superhuman genetics? A human blood liquid diet? We don't know what it is that keeps certain celebs looking decades younger than they actually are, but whatever it is it's working. Take a look at the stars who have somehow found the fountain of youth (and haven't told anyone, #rude).
Sarah Jessica Parker
Today marks SJP's 50th year on this planet. Not that it matters, because, to us, she'll always be the 30-something newspaper columnist she played on SATC.
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Eva Mendes

Eva Mendes just celebrated her 40th birthday. FORTIETH BIRTHDAY. Yes she's been alive for FOUR DECADES. This is...this is just unfair.

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Jennifer Lopez

Is this real life? It's simply mind-boggling that this woman is 45-years-old.

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Sandra Bullock

The actress looks like THIS at 50-years-old. We repeat: This is a 50-year-old woman. 

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The singer is rumored to be an actual vampire—and for good reason. He doesn't look a day over 25. (He's 41. Yep.)

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Gwen Stefani

What we wouldn't do to sneak a peek inside Stefani's medicine cabinet—or, you know, look like this when we're 45. 

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Salma Hayek

Those curves...that complexion. On what planet is Hayek 48-years-old? (Apparently, this one. But we're not buying it.)

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Halle Berry

Like a fine wine, 48-year-old Berry only gets better with age.

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Gabrielle Union

This 42-year-old beauty drinks a gallon of water a day to keep her skin *glowing* and it shows. *Fills up water bottle*

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Jennifer Aniston

The inspo for our complex anti-aging routine? You're looking at all 46 years of it.

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Elizabeth Hurley

This superhuman is about to turn 50... Need we say more?

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