How to Live Your Best Life: a Guide in Céline Dion Photos

Do the most. Be a queen.

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She's been compared to a butterfly emerging from a chrysalis and an art movement in which people were like "Send realistic nudes," but Céline Dion has never stopped being Céline Dion—she's only become more. Here, 10 photos that explain the core values of the Céline Dion brand: exuberance, love of life, and being really, unapologetically extra.

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Use Your Friends as Props

"My energy feels younger, more dynamic, excited," she said in an interview with Vogue. "Everything now feels like it is a first." In that pioneering spirit, you could take her lead and throw mad shapes not near your buds, but *on* them. 

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Never Not Be Doing Something with Your Hands

Think "sorceress disguised as flamenco dancer embroiled in a dance battle against her partner's other partner." But make it fashion. 

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Take Every Opportunity to Greet Your Public

They are here to see you "I'm the king of the world" it in Bibhu Mohapatra Fall 2017. 

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But Don't Make Yourself Too Available

I'm here! Now I'm behind the pillar! I'm here! Behind!

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Practice Self-Care

Worn out from waving? Tuckered out from twirling? Just drape yourself across the nearest available Beemer. 

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In Met Galas. And in hot dogs. Life is beautiful.

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Appreciate Nature

Slow dance with a tree but leave room for Jesus. (And the figurative school photographer taking your Lifetouch portrait.)

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But Also Leave It Better Than You Found It

Wielding a pair of pruning shears, Céline Dion was seen clipping a scale replica of the RMS Titanic from a shrub during a break from a photo shoot. (Not true, but plausible.) 

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Be a Part of the Online World

Tim Tebow. But—all together now—make it fashion.

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Respect Your Own Time

You can only give so much of yourself to your fans. So when you've cycled through your Rolodex of poses and sufficiently made bodily contact with every available surface, tap your watch face and motor on out of there. 

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