4 Things You Should Absolutely Know About Korean Pop Culture

Because it will eventually be stateside.

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The author of the new book The Birth of Korean Cool (Picador) IDs K-pop culture ripe for American import by Euny Hong.

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What: Chimek, or Korean fried chicken, inspired by the original dish, but extra spicy and its own phenomenon.

They Love It: Because alcohol is an implied requirement

You'll Love It: For the maddeningly addictive crispy shell. (Plus, see above.)

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What: My Love From Another Star, a popular soap about an alien and his human girlfriend.

They Love It: For the costumes in flashbacks to 17th-century imperial Korea.

You'll Love It: For the K-drama formula: romance, delayed gratification, chastity. Sound familiar?

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What: 2NE1, South Korea's most compelling K-pop group.

They Love It: Because they're the first "girl power" band.

You'll Love It: Because their outlandish wardrobes and empowered persona make them K-pop's answer to Lady Gaga.


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