10 Ways to Lose Social Media Followers

Also known as: Exactly what not to do.

1. Drunk tweet. If your weekend was filled with tweets like "hpapy beifhdgab Beckynn!!1 soo waxstedd hahjga," don't be too surprised when you find you've lost five followers come Monday morning.

2. Jump on every Insta-bandwagon. Man Candy Monday, Transformation Tuesday, Woman Crush Wednesday, Throwback Thursday, Flashback Friday... Enough is enough.

3. Post about what's going on in a popular TV show as it's happening. The worst kinds of people are people who spoil the Red Wedding before everyone gets a chance to see it.

4. Subtweet. With passive-agressive sentiments like "Wow, I guess chivalry IS dead after all #smh."

5. Insult Beyoncé. The Beygency will get you. This rule can also apply to posts about Prince George, Taylor Swift, and One Direction, depending on your following.

6. Post the same thing to every platform, every time. That photo of your dog wearing a party hat was funny via Snapchat, kind of cute on Instagram, a bit repetitive on Twitter, and then straight-up irritating once I saw it on Facebook.

7. Assert your strongest political views in a 500-word rant. We all have that one Facebook friend who will post an opinion on every topic in the news and then engage in heated arguments with anyone who dares to comment.

8. Take us step-by-step through your wedding. If we didn't see the entire thing from start to finish — from the ring to the dress shopping to the catering decisions to the rehearsal dinner to the wedding to the honeymoon — did it really happen?

9. Use #nofilter when the photo is clearly filtered. We can spot that Valencia a mile away.

10. Invite all your Facebook friends to whatever event you have to promote. I did not need a table with bottle service at the club last weekend, nor will I need one this weekend. Thanks, though.


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