What You Need to Know Before You Download iOS8

And what makes it worth it.

With the release of Apple's latest software, iPhone users are about to get some new add ons like iCloud Drive and HealthKit. But now that it is here, everyone's surprisingly been talking about the number of issues people are having with it. Downloaders beware: there are a couple of things you need to know about iOS8 before you install.

It takes up a lot of space

For those of you that have over 2,000 selfies and pictures of sushi, you may be disappointed to hear that the download itself needs up to 5.7 GB of free storage. Get your thumbs warmed up for something other than texting: ready, set, delete!

It takes a while to download

Download times for iOS8 have been estimated to take anywhere from three to six hours, which means you'll most likely be having major FOMO before it can even reach 20%. We recommend picking up that stack of magazines you've been meaning to read because you're about to be unplugged for a very long time. [Ed Note: Make sure to hook it up to your computer and connect to wifi, it only took our social editor 25 minutes to download!]

But as any iPhone user knows, long waits and app cleanup are a small price to pay. Here's what you'll get in exchange for all of your sacrifices:

Keep better track of your health.

Forget searching the App Store for the health app with the most capabilities, thanks to HealthKit your iPhone can now do all that and more. It is your new activity tracker, heart rate monitor, and overall health journal that let's you view anything from calories burned to blood sugar level.

It will support your workaholic habits.

So there's good news and bad news. The good news is, the iCloud Drive can seamlessly store your presentations, spreadsheets, and documents on all your devices, making it easy to work from anywhere. But the bad news? You can work from anywhere. Prepare to give "on-call working" a whole new definition.

Your keyboard is always sharp, even when you're not.

Ever send embarrassing incorrect texts because you're too busy, or in too much of a rush, to pay attention to what you're actually typing? The new Quicktype keyboard just made your life that much better. It can correct and predict what you're going to say next based on your messaging history so it practically does the talking for you, no hard thinking required.

Set the mood with your playlists.

If you're the type of person who has a song for every emotion, we've got great news: With the Music app, you can now create playlists for every mood or let the Genius feature do it for you. This means that no matter how you feel, your iPhone will have the music fix you need.

You have more control over your messages.

Long gone are the days of receiving 32 texts per minute in group chats. With iOS8, you can manage group conversations by muting them, leaving them, and editing the included contacts. The new Messages app also allows you to add a voice recording or include instant video so friends can experience things together, while apart.

Siri just got a whole lot smarter.

Before, the biggest role that Siri seemed to play in our lives was when we wanted some silly entertainment. Now, the new Siri actually understands what you say and responds accordingly, without you having to slow your speech (she can even identify songs for you via the app Shazam).


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