How I Survive the Sunday Blues

Your Sunday survival strategies.
Ben Watts

"I meet up with my crew (Robyn, Drew, Casey) and we have 'family night': We cook dinner, see a movie, maybe go ice-skating. So even if we're all worthless, at least we can laugh about it." —ASHLEY, 27

"Once I finally manage my way out of bed, I berate myself for having made no plans: 'Fuck me! I could be at the outlets right now!'" —BLAZE, 27

"I go to my local flea market, check out the vintage stuff, and talk to the vendors about where they found certain things. Encountering humanity is worthwhile and stress-relieving, and I often come out of it with something new to wear." —EILEEN, 25

"I maintain an even treat/task ratio: For every goofy Lifetime movie I watch, I try to check one annoying thing off my to-do list." —JENNY, 31

"I look at the activities I love, like reading magazines or shopping at stationery stores, as providing creative inspiration for work so that they feel productive." —CHARLOTTE, 28

"At about 7 a.m., my pug crashes in on me, desperate for food and a walk. A needy, high-maintenance pug will give your life purpose on a Sunday." —JENNIFER, 31

Songs to Avoid on Sunday:

"Sunday Morning Coming Down," Johnny Cash

"Tick," Yeah Yeah Yeahs

"Too Much Pressure," The Selecter

"These Days," Nico

"Guess I'm Doing Fine," Beck

"Coffee and TV," Blur

"Lonely Day," System of a Down "

Hallelujah," Jeff Buckley

"The Rescue Blues," Ryan Adams

"Here Comes the Night," Van Morrison

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