Kellyanne Conway Became Pennywise the Dancing Clown on 'SNL'

Kellywise even did Pennywise's infamous dance move.

Pennywise the dancing clown on SNL

Last season, Kate McKinnon's Kellyanne Conway impressions were incredibly memorable. But her latest impersonation, which turns Kellyanne into a horror icon, is superb.

In the segment, Anderson Cooper leaves his studio wearing a bright yellow raincoat, it's raining hard, and he loses a memo down a sewer. And who should be lurking down the sewer? Pennywise the Clown, of course, but with a twist. It's protagonist has changed slightly, and is now known as Kellywise the Dancing Clown.

Kellywise proceeds to entice Anderson down into the sewer with her, by offering him a crazy, on-air quote about Trump's behavior. Then, Kellywise shows Anderson his greatest nightmare:


Anderson is cautious at first, until he spots Rachel Maddow and Hillary Clinton in the sewer too:


And anyone that's seen It knows how this scene ends...

Kellywise the Dancing Clown on Saturday Night Live

Watch the full segment, and experience the pure terror, now:

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