Kellyanne Conway Became Pennywise the Dancing Clown on 'SNL'

Kellywise even did Pennywise's infamous dance move.

Pennywise the dancing clown on SNL
(Image credit: NBC)

Last season, Kate McKinnon's Kellyanne Conway impressions were incredibly memorable. But her latest impersonation, which turns Kellyanne into a horror icon, is superb.

In the segment, Anderson Cooper leaves his studio wearing a bright yellow raincoat, it's raining hard, and he loses a memo down a sewer. And who should be lurking down the sewer? Pennywise the Clown, of course, but with a twist. It's protagonist has changed slightly, and is now known as Kellywise the Dancing Clown.

Kellywise proceeds to entice Anderson down into the sewer with her, by offering him a crazy, on-air quote about Trump's behavior. Then, Kellywise shows Anderson his greatest nightmare:


(Image credit: NCB)

Anderson is cautious at first, until he spots Rachel Maddow and Hillary Clinton in the sewer too:

SNL Kellywise Pennywise

(Image credit: NBC)

SNL Kellywise Pennywise

(Image credit: NBC)

And anyone that's seen It knows how this scene ends...

Kellywise the Dancing Clown on Saturday Night Live

Kellywise the Dancing Clown on Saturday Night Live

(Image credit: NBC)

Watch the full segment, and experience the pure terror, now:

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