This *Very Gross* Stranger Things Clip Shows How Eleven Returned from the Upside Down

Welp, there goes lunch.


If you've been wondering what happened to Eleven after she destroyed the monster in Stranger Things, the answer is, apparently, this: She's been lurking in the Upside Down. And yes, she makes her triumphant return during the second season—by using her powers to break through a pile full of goo, no less.

Millie Bobby Brown just shared a clip of Eleven returning from the Upside Down by climbing through a wall of the school, and it's um...highly gross. Unless footage of people being "birthed" out of slimy hallways is your cup of tea, in which case today is your day!!!!

Stranger Things debuts on Netflix October 27, so please block off about three days of your life for binging, kay thanks.

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