People Are Freaking Out Over Netflix's Higher Prices

“Is there anything worse than Netflix telling you they’re increasing your monthly price?”

It’s about to get more expensive to watch Stranger Things—and people are not happy about it. Netflix is raising prices to $11 per month if you have HD with two devices, and $14 if you get 4K video with four devices.

Netflix made the announcement October 5, and said they would notify users 30 days before the price change would go into effect. It looks like the rollout has affected more people, since some users tweeted Tuesday that they are now receiving notices via email or when they navigate to Netflix.

And people aren’t happy, especially since popular shows like How I Met Your Mother are leaving the streaming service. (We have reached out to Netflix for comment, but have not received a response.)

Here are just a few of the most outraged tweets about the Netflix price hike.

Meanwhile, Disney is teasing that their streaming competitor will cost substantially less per month than Netflix. So starting in 2019, you might have a cheaper option—or you’ll just be stuck subscribing to yet another streaming site.

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Megan Friedman

Megan Friedman is the former managing editor of the Newsroom at Hearst. She's worked at NBC and Time, and is a graduate of Northwestern's Medill School of Journalism.