There's a Painting of Voldemort Dancing in a 'Harry Potter' Movie and No One Noticed

But why?

Harry Potter fans pride themselves on knowing anything and everything about the wonderful world of witchcraft and wizardry. But did you know there's a portrait of Voldemort dancing (dancing!!) in one of the films?

Twenty-five minutes into Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban, Harry and some fellow Gryffindor students are attempting to gain access to their common room by sharing the password, "Fortuna Major," with the Fat Lady.

And while many of the paintings around her are cowering in dismay as she attempts to break a glass with her singing voice, some eagle-eyed fans have noticed one portrait seems to be enjoying it: Voldemort's.

What? Why? HOW?

Hung to the below right of the Fat Lady, the moving painting seemingly shows the Dark Lord swaying along to her singing, and nobody is entirely sure why.

Especially because, as LadBible point out, paintings are often of dead wizards, and although Voldemort isn't present in human form in the fourth movie, he definitely isn't dead either.

Plus, why would Dumbledore want a painting of He Who Must Not Be Named gracing the walls of Hogwarts, anyway?

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