Watch Men React to Their Girlfriends Getting Catcalled

"That's so messed up."

Catcalling is an issue that many women deal with as soon as they step outside in the morning. Men don't really understand what it's like to feel uncomfortable and scared just for walking down the street to get to work or grab a cup of coffee. used a hidden GoPro to record threewomen being catcalled around New York City. Afterwards their boyfriends watched the footage, horrified. 

The women, who were minding their own business walking, were yelled at and told things like, "Look at this prize here," and "Nice titties." When the three boyfriends saw what their girlfriends go through, catcalling became a real and frustrating issue for them rather than something they've just heard about. 

"It sucks. It sucks," one boyfriend said. Another said, "Alright, I'm getting pissed off." Yes, having to deal with catcalling absolutely does suck. Watch the full video above.