24 Photos that Prove Female Fighters Can Do Way More Than Kick Butt

These women are seriously stunning—whether the gloves are on or off.

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(Image credit: Elizabeth Griffin)

Jessica Eye is one of the world's top bantamweight fighters, which means she can probably make you hurt—or at least really mess with your ear. (In a fight she won last year, Jessica literally exploded her opponent Leslie Smith's ear. Here's the graphic evidence—a terrifying, blood-drenched photo that will haunt your dreams forever. You've been warned!)

Needless to say, professional female fighters like Jessica can be easily misunderstood and in many cases, feared. "It's great to be strong," Jessica says. "Strength is beauty, and if someone feels good
about themselves—fighting, or whatever—you should be able to respect them
for that and let them be who they are," she continues. "We're females too, we still like
to get dressed up, we still like to put makeup on, we still like to go out on
dates and be treated like women. We're not roughnecks."

Jessica, whose next fight is slated for October 3, isn't the only fighter who feels the same way—you don't need to look any further than Instagram to see that these women are the opposite of intimidating once they leave the ring. 

1. Jessica Eye

Going for blood:

Going for a gorgeous selfie:

2. Ronda Rousey

Feeling no mercy:

Feeling for kicks:

3. Bethe Correia

Going in for the kill:

Going for pretty in pink:

4. Alexis Davis

Training with a partner:

Posing with her partner:

5. Germaine De Randamie

Kicking ass:

Kicking around old memories:

6. Jessamyn Duke

Straddling her competitor:

Spooning her cuddly friend:

7. Ashlee Evans-Smith

Needing a shower — she's covered in blood!

Getting showered with compliments — all the likes!

8. Holly Holm

Holding her own:

Holding her niece:

9. Sarah Kaufman

Practicing her kicks:

Showing off her fleecy kicks:

10. Sara McMann

Fist to the face:

Cute kid in the face:

11. Julianna Peña

Fighting hard:

Flirting hard:

12. Raquel Pennington

Winding up for a punch:

Dressing up for an adorable family photo:

Additional reporting by Veronica Lopez.

Elizabeth Narins is a Brooklyn, NY-based writer and a former senior editor at Cosmopolitan.com, where she wrote about fitness, health, and more. Follow her at @ejnarins.