A New iPhone Update Glitch Is Turning Off People's Alarms

Worst. Nightmare.

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Now might be a good time to invest in an old-school alarm clock. The Verge reports that a glitch in the newest iPhone software update made many users miss their alarms this week. 

The bug affects users of iOS 9.1, which lets you install an update while you're sleeping. Unfortunately, installing that update forces the phone to restart, shutting off any alarms you may have set before going to bed. That led a bunch of users to sleep in, and then freak out on Twitter:

Luckily, there's a quick workaround for this problem. Manually update your iPhone software by going to Settings>General>Software Update instead of letting it do its own thing overnight. Then turn on your alarm and it should stay on as long as your phone is on and there's enough battery.

According to Gawker, Apple hasn't released any fixes or statements just yet, but it has dealt with alarm-related bugs in the past. Really, it's just another reminder that school and work should definitely start around noon so we can avoid this nonsense altogether.

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