Your Snapchat Selfies Are Helping Save Lives Today

See, you're not just being goofy! You're charitable.

Every time you hit Snapchat for a fun selfie today, money goes to fight AIDS. That's thanks to a partnership with the (RED) campaign to commemorate World AIDS Day by harnessing the procrastination of Snapchat users everywhere.

Fortune reports that Snapchat has set up one day only (RED) filters, and Tiesto, Jimmy Kimmel, and Jared Leto all have filters with their own name attached. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation will donate $3 for every photo snapped with the filter, and that $3 can give 10 days of medicine to a patient in sub-Saharan Africa. They'll donate up to $3 million from the promotion, and according to Re/Code, they're likely to max out on that pretty easily.

Want to stick to other apps? If you check out this video on Instagram, the foundation will donate another $3 to (RED), up to $1 million total.

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And if you want to stay off social media entirely, there are plenty more ways to donate to fight AIDS while simply living your daily life. On December 1, which is World AIDS Day, every handcrafted Starbucks drink gets 10 cents donated to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, and if you play the mobile games Clash of Clans, Boom Beach, and Hay Day, 100% of the proceeds go to (RED). And if you're doing some holiday shopping, is offering 100 products that give to charity with every purchase. 

So whether you fork over some direct cash to charity or just perfect your duckface on Snapchat, you're doing good. Isn't the Internet wonderful?

Megan Friedman

Megan Friedman is the former managing editor of the Newsroom at Hearst. She's worked at NBC and Time, and is a graduate of Northwestern's Medill School of Journalism.