Watch People React to Being Called Beautiful in This Powerful Video

This is incredible.

18-year-old Shea Glover performed a very interesting social experiment for her Chicago high school project last spring. She asked students and teachers to let her take their picture for a project. Some of them she knew. Most of them she didn't. As she filmed them, she captured their reactions when she revealed the purpose of her project: taking photos of things that she finds beautiful. 

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What follows is an astounding variety of reactions. 

Some were touched. 

Some were embarrassed. 

Some got defensive, like they couldn't believe that a stranger could say that without alterior motives. 

Most broke out into a tearful smile, like they had been waiting forever for someone to tell them they were beautiful. 

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But what's so powerful about the video is that none of them seem to initially believe her. Yes, they're caught off-guard by the camera, and yes, it's normal to be hesitant when a stranger compliments you, but it's still shocking that all of these beautiful people don't seem to think it's natural for someone else to notice their beauty. 

Tell someone they're beautiful today. As the video proves, you might be surprised by how they react. 

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