10 Must-Have Cleaning Tools

Grant Dougall
1. BROOM: The speediest way to clean the Cheerios you spilled this morning.

2. MOP: Better than on your hands and knees (nicer to your manicure, too).

3. BUCKET: Multiple uses, but mainly to cart around cleaning supplies or mop water.

4. PAPER TOWELS: Easy, convenient, effective, disposable.

5. SCRUBBING SPONGE: Easy, convenient, effective, reusable.

6. GLASS CLEANER: Must-have solution for windows, mirrors, and anything else made of glass in your home.

7. MULTIPURPOSE CLEANER: Use to clean up pet messes, kitchen messes, boyfriend messes.

8. VACUUM: Keep your classy new rug from CB2 spotless and fluffed.

9. WOOD CLEANER: Give wooden floors a polished look just by mopping. Just add to a bucket of hot water and get mopping.

10. MICROFIBER SPONGE like Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. This tool is your key to clean, polished surfaces everywhere! It once even got hair dye off a kitchen chair for us. Trust us: It works.

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