Last Night's 'SNL' Cold Open Was a Glorious 'Seinfeld' Reunion

Yada, yada, yada.

SNL's cold open slayed last night. It hit the perfect combination of parody, pop culture, and fantastic jokes. It started with the return of Larry David's brilliant Bernie Sanders impression and Kate McKinnon's slapstick Hillary Clinton and ended with the return of Elaine Benes, played by host Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

The two candidates began by debating the minimum wage, but it quickly devolved into Hillary giving Bernie a noogie and screaming, "Do you feel that burn!?"

When it was time for audience questions, Elaine, who is decidedly not feeling the Bern, returned to ask Bernie how exactly would he break up the banks. Bernie's answer? "I'll have a nice shvitz in the White House gym, then I'll go to the big banks, I'll sit them down, and yada yada yada... they'll be broken up!"

The Seinfeld jokes were abundant. Up next was Rachel Green from Friends played by Vanessa Bayer who nailed her classic high-pitched voice and roundabout way of talking. In classic Rachel fashion, she didn't really ask a question at all.  

It was a hilarious moment that showed how great SNL can be.