Here's a First Look at Robin Wright as the New 'House of Cards' President

See ya, Kevin Spacey.

Last year, Kevin Spacey was fired from Netflix's House of Cards following sexual assault allegations, proving the sad truth that fictional presidents are held to higher standards than real ones.

His departure from playing Frank Underwood meant that Robin Wright, who should have been made the lead long ago, would take up the reigns of the series in what will be its last season.

Earlier this year, Netflix shared a teaser that showed Wright at her desk in the Oval Office saying, "We're just getting started" with the command to "Hail to the chief."

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Now, new stills from production have been released. They include Wright shooting a scene at her desk and a close-up shot of her in a bedroom with a blurry figure in the background that looks like it could be Tom Yates, the author she had an affair with.

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In January, Netflix announced that Diane Lane and Greg Kinnear had joined the series to play siblings and Australian actor Cody Fern was also added to the cast.

Given that season five ended with journalist Tom Hammerschmidt closing in on investigating Frank's links to Zoe Barnes death and Claire having already assumed the presidency with the final line "My turn," it shouldn't be too difficult for the show to write Spacey out.

House of Cards season six will be released later this year.

Olivia Ovenden