The Funniest "Me Voting in 2016 vs. 2018" Memes for the Midterm Elections

I feel seen.

AMC / Hulu

Hey, hi, hello and welcome to the 2018 midterm elections—that one time the internet turned their 2016 election trauma into self deprecating hilarious voting memes on Twitter before Americans determine the future of our country. Ha ha!

If you've been taking a hiatus from social media to cleanse your soul before you head to the polls and haven't seen the "me voting in 2016 vs. 2018" memes, allow me to introduce you to the best below. But first, a reminder to please vote today. As funny as these memes are, it's important to take your civic duty seriously—just ask these 50 influential women.

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Now, back to our regularly-scheduled programming:

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