Rosie O'Donnell Is Game to Play Steve Bannon on 'SNL'

If Trump thought he hated Sean Spicer being played by a woman...

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Following Melissa McCarthy's transcendent portrayal of a shrill, short-fused Sean Spicer on SNL this weekend, the internet has come up with a new plan to make Donald Trump's head explode. SNL has a recent history of getting under Trump's skin via Alec Baldwin's depiction of him, and reportedly the thing that really bugged him about McCarthy taking down his Press Secretary was that she did it while also being female.

Rosie O'Donnell has the dubious pleasure of being a woman that Trump hates even more than most women—you may recall that he attacked her during a Republican debate, and then did it again during the first presidential debate. So last night, the idea that O'Donnell should portray Trump's chief strategist/puppetmaster Steve Bannon on SNL began to gather momentum online. O'Donnell herself is definitely game, tweeting "Available - if called i will serve !!!"

Sure, Saturday's SNL depicting Bannon as the actual Grim Reaper wreaking quiet chaos in the Oval Office was pretty strong, but who wouldn't pay actual money to see O'Donnell's take, and the inevitable subsequent Trump meltdown?

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