Blog Crush of the Week: Save the Assistants

When your friends get tired of listening to you complain about your job, Lilit at Save the Assistants will be there with her own office horror stories, tips for survival, and a reminder that you won't be an assistant forever. The ex-assistant feels your pain--she launched Save the Assistants as the hub for all disgruntled coffee-fetchers, copy-makers, and general office slaves to have their voices heard.

And no worries if your assistant days are behind you or you happen to like your job. There's plenty on Save the Assistants to distract any office worker from a growing to-do list, like interviews with former assistants that have lived to tell their tales, smart tips for cubicle survival, and our favorite part of the blog, the Bossary. The hilarious Official Save the Assistants Glossary of Bad Bosses will expertly help you identify your boss, like the one I had during my first job in high school:

The Micromanaging Jackass: This one is fairly self-explanatory. Did you put everything in alphabetical order? Well, you should have also color coded it. You can't take lunch until they do, you're shackled to the desk all day so clients don't have to go to voicemail (especially when the second assistant is out sick), and they ask you to report on gossip among the assistants. Who was at the happy hour last night? How much did they drink? They might be reading your email, but you shudder to think it, especially because you're so busy drawing a color-coded diagram of their brand-new camera because they can't be bothered to read the instructions.

FAMOUS EXAMPLE: Bill Murray in Scrooged

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