Here's the First Trailer for 'It' Because You Don't Need to Sleep Tonight Anyway

"We all float down here..."

The very first trailer for the remake of It has finally landed and it looks creepy as hell.

The trailer starts with Georgie Denbrough sailing a little paper boat his brother has made him down a rainy gutter until it slips into the storm drain. But when Georgie bends to see where it went, something hideous is waiting for him. Eek!

Then we're introduced to the small town in Maine where disappearances are becoming increasingly common, as well as the gang of misfits called the Losers Club.

There's definitely a Stranger Things vibe to this footage, but it's also pretty damn scary with loads more looks at Bill Skarsgård as Pennywise, as seen earlier this week in this 18-second teaser.

It is directed by Andy Muschietti (who made chiller Mama) and it looks like this will cover the first half of Stephen King's story, as the Losers' Club encounters an otherworldly evil that likes to disguise himself as a clown.

The young cast includes Stranger Things star Finn Wolfhard and Jaeden Lieberher from Midnight Special.

If a followup movie were to happen, expect it to focus on the grown-up gang 27 years later, as they have to return to Maine when it looks like the malevolent forces they once encountered are back.

It opens in cinemas September 8.

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