The Funniest Jokes from Samantha Bee's Not the White House Correspondents' Dinner

She brought the thunder.

Samantha Bee's Not The White House Correspondents' Dinner
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It's been a very strange night in politics. The final Saturday night in April is typically reserved for the White House Correspondents' Dinner, a gala for journalists covering the executive branch that is often dubbed "nerd prom." The event was still held tonight, but not a whole lot of people were there. President Donald Trump threw a rally in Pennsylvania, and television host Samantha Bee hosted a rival dinner, the Not the White House Correspondents Dinner.

Bee brought together a bunch of celebrities, including Allison Janney and Will Ferrell (back in his George W. Bush costume!), and musicians like Elvis Costello and Tegan and Sara. Here are a few of their greatest moments of the night.

Her Best One-liners

Checking out the room: "Probably the Russian ambassador is here. He turns up everywhere."

"You are all gonna wanna make friends with our honored guests here at the front table. They are the Committee to Protect Journalists. These are the guys you call if you leave the hall tonight and discover your car has been keyed by Sean Spicer."

"You basically get paid to stand in a cage while a geriatric orangutan and his pet mob scream at you. It's like a reverse zoo, but you carry on."

Discussing the White House Correspondents' Dinner: "I still remember my first — Woodrow Wilson. What a cunt."

"Donald Trump is, of course, celebrating his hundredth day in office by trying to win Pennsylvania with a small rally that no one in this room was forced to cover. That assignment went to the reporter that must've fucked his boss's wife."

"We are living in a Golden Age of journalism. Unfortunately, that's partly due to a golden president who's rumored to enjoy golden showers."

Roasting a Century's Worth of Presidents

In faux-flashbacks, Bee cracked jokes through era-appropriate camera filters. "Every day, we're learning more details about the Iran-Contra scandal," she said, dressed like Madonna in an '80s moment. "This story has more wrinkles than the president's nut sack."

Taking a Moment of Silence for Fox News

"What a triumph for women that career sexual predators are finally getting what they deserve: $65 million and age-appropriate retirement. Ohhhh, justice."

Imagining an Alternate Future

In one segment, Bee watched a movie version of how the night's show would have gone if Hillary Clinton were president. "I don't want to say Republicans were hostile during Hillary's address to Congress, but she's the first president who had to walk up to the lectern with her keys between her knuckles."

Will Ferrell Returns as George W. Bush

"How do you like me now? The prodigal son has returned," Ferrell said, reviving the impersonation from his Saturday Night Live days. "I don't know what that means but I know it's positive. It's very prodigal."

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