Andy Murray Corrects a Wimbledon Journalist's Awkward Sexism in the Best Way

Uh, yeah, remember women?

Tennis is a sport that's played by both men and women, a fact we're fairly certain most people paying any attention to Wimbledon would be aware of. But interestingly, one journalist covering the world famous tennis tournament seemed to have erased that nugget of information from his memory, delivering an awkwardly sexist comment while interviewing British number one Andy Murray.

Murray, who was knocked out ahead of the Wimbledon semi-finals by U.S. player Sam Querrey, was being interviewed following his defeat by a room full of journalists when one American reporter piped up and said: "Sam is the first U.S. player to reach a major semi-final since 2009."

But as the man went on, he was cut short by the tennis star, who simply said: "Male player."

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The journalist asked Andy to repeat himself, to which he looked up and said: "Male player, right?" BOOM.

Because as Murray, who has a young daughter himself, was quite rightly pointing out, the journalist had casually ignored the successes of American female tennis players like Serena Williams, who's won oh, you know...only 12 Grand Slam tournaments since 2009.


Judy Murray was evidently beaming with pride at her son giving female tennis players the credit they deserve on such a world stage, tweeting: "That's my boy."

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And it's not the first time Andy has spoken out about reporters forgetting the achievements of female tennis players (opens in new tab). Last year during the Rio Olympics, he reminded a reporter who congratulated him on being the first person to win more than one gold medal for tennis at the Olympics that "Venus and Serena [Williams] have won four each."

All we need is a few more guys like him in sport, who aren't willing to let the successes of his female counterparts go ignored.

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Catriona Harvey-Jenner
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