Can You Compete with This Date from Hell?

My friend Dana met a guy who took her to a diner on their first date. He returned his meal not one, not two, but three times, and then complained about having to go on a long run the next day because otherwise the food was going to make him fat. As she was driving him back to his car, he told her to pull over. He started kissing her and then asked her if he could "hold himself" after they made out. She didn't know what he meant so she just shrugged. But then to her surprise, he proceeded to jerk himself off in her brand new car! Let's just say they never had a second date!

Whether you're listening to a friend or telling it yourself, there's nothing like a bad date story. The most horrific of tales can make you fear being asked out in the first place. That's how I felt after hearing the story above! But there's also something entertaining about a competition over who has had the worst experience.

Dating blogger Rich Santos hit the streets of New York City to look for the worst date stories he could find. With camera in hand, he put men and women on the spot and asked them about their worst dates. The story about the guy's car that smelled like cat pee is pretty bad, but after reading through these 27 date stories from hell, Rich's reports don't compare! What do you think?

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