Happy Bastille Day: Vive La France!

If you're still wearing red, white, and blue, wishing that 4th of July weekend didn't end, have no fear. There is reason for continued celebration: Bastille Day!

To refresh your memory, July 14th is a French national holiday, historically marking the beginning of the French Revolution. Today, the French celebrate the republic's three ideals - liberty, equality, and fraternity - by coming together to eat, drink, and party! Sound familiar?

Take advantage of this opportunity for more summer fun while remembering what we love about the French. Let the good times begin with this delicious recipe for a French Mojito:


1 part Ricard

+ sugar

+ lime

+ 5 parts of sparkling water

+ 5 mint leaves

Here are 4 things (other than their chic cocktails) we love about the French:

1. The French revolutionized style when the fashion world was first growing into the industry that it is today. Their timeless, tailored clothing is always flattering.

2. When we think gourmet cuisine, the French come to mind tout de suite! And attempting to pronounce entrees on a French menu with an accent is even more enjoyable!

3. The French have been drinking wine with dinner since Roman times and are the world's largest producers of the delectable drink.

4. French females' positive perspective of femininity and their ability to draw others' focus to what is beautiful and sexy about them.

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