Author Jennifer Weiner Asks Fans to Help Get TV Pilot on Air

Best-selling novelist Jennifer Weiner (Best Friends Forever) wants to make the leap from her fans' bookshelves to their televisions...and she's calling on those fans to help make it happen.

The writer is spreading the word through her blog, describing Jane and Dick, the pilot she pitched to ABC as being about "a smart, funny female attorney who's turned her father's law firm into a version of career Utopia – an all-female, kid-friendly law firm where the formerly mommy-tracked lawyers can have it all."

If you're not sold yet, read what she has to say about the kinds of female characters she wants to see on TV and see if you don't nod along: "I also thought about the kind of voices and heroines I want to see on television – nuanced, smart but struggling, engaging and endearing and well-rounded in every sense of the word." After years of what seems to be the same endless, rotating cast of reality starlets, this is just the breath of fresh air that our TV nights need.

So how can Weiner's readers and fans help bring her vision to life? They can sign the petition and tell ABC, "I Want Weiner". She has MC's signature!

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