New Gmail Feature Saves Your Job/Relationships/Friendships Yet Again

Gmail's features have saved us more than once—from their Undo Send button, (which saved yours truly from certain humiliation when I almost sent a racy email to an ex's mom), to the Forgotten Attachment Detector, which surely cuts down on the number of "Oops, forgot to attach!" follow-up emails floating around. Not to mention Mail Goggles, the virtual voice of reason that's thwarted many late-night, ill-advised ex encounters.

And this morning, Google Labs has launched yet another feature that'll make you wonder how you ever lived and emailed without it: "Got the Wrong Bob?" If you've ever accidentally emailed Kathy from HR instead of Kathy the BFF about how much you hate your job, or accidentally CC'ed your assistant instead of your friend about the previous night's exploits, "Got the Wrong Bob?" should save you some awkward eye contact. Just enable the feature in Gmail Labs and based on the groups of people you email most often, Gmail will try to identify when you've accidentally included the wrong person on a group email—before they have to tell you themselves.

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