HAPPY TEXAS: More Music From SXSW 2010

[Photo: Saint Motel; Credit: Megan Thompson]

Last month I put together a preview playlist for SXSW (Austin, TX - March 17-21). But there are so many great artists participating at this year's conference, that I thought it merited a second playlist. Among the real stand outs this year is Saint Motel. I've got a feeling that the buzz on these guys in the coming months will parallel the insane media attention that The Strokes received in 2001/2002. And if great AOR songwriting about love and loss is your cup o' tea, look no further than Scars on 45. Their single "Heart on Fire" will have you calling ex- girlfriends at 1 in the morning. But my prediction for the first band to "blow up" after the southern dust settles is Fitz and the Tantrums. This guy's juju is off the charts and I can't see him (or his Tantrums) going under the mainstream radar much beyond Saturday night. But don't take my word for it, dive into this playlist and treat yourself to more amazing music from folks that will be making the trek to the heart of Texas this week. See you at Maggie Mays!

SURROUNDED / Safe Tomorrow Sun / The Nautilus Years

SCARS ON 45 / Wanted / Wanted Single

MISS DERRINGER / Click Click (Bang Bang) / Winter Hill

JOSHUA JAMES / Winter Storm / Fields and Floods

SAINT MOTEL / Butch / ForPlay

JAPANTHER / Radical Businessman / Tut Tut Now Shake Ya Butt

YEAR OF THE DRAGON / Ipso Facto / Blunt Force Karma

GIRL IN A COMA / Only I / Hiding My Trail (Single)

MATTHEW MAYFIELD / Dead To You / The Fire EP

FITZ AND THE TANTRUMS / Breakin' the Chains of Love / Songs for a Break Up – Vol. 1

Michael Anderson

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