This Reporter Should Have Done His Research Before Interviewing Kristen Wiig

Here's a tip for aspiring celebrity interviewers: If you're asking questions about a new movie, be sure to know what it's about first. Especially if you're interviewing two people who will mercilessly mock you otherwise.

When Denver news anchor Chris Parente had Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader on his morning show, they were there to promote their new movie, The Skeleton Twins. But halfway through the interview, Parente got the movie confused with another of Wiig's movies, Welcome to Me, and asked her advice about nude scenes.

It quickly became clear he hadn't seen either movie he was asking about, and Wiig and Hader seized the moment. "I'm nude in the movie," Hader joked, "and I'm upside down the whole film."

To be clear, the SNL alums are both fully clothed during the film, which Parente promised he'll see once it shows up in Denver theaters.

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[h/t Daily Dot

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