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New Video Game Suggests "Girl" Is a Profession

The scenario: A zombie apocalypse has befallen Earth. A group of people is tasked with saving the world. They are a scientist, a worker, a cop…and a girl?

That's the premise behind the new game Infectonator: Survivors, an independent game created by Toge Productions in Indonesia. The characters are labeled "Scientist," "Worker," "Cop," and "Sydney." (At least the woman is the only one worthy of a name?)

According to the Telegraph, backlash promptly began once Bex April May, an editor for the website Ask Men, came across the characters and posted about it on Twitter. Her post was retweeted more than a thousand times.

The game's developer, Kris Antoni, apologized after outcry on Twitter, saying he didn't mean to be sexist and the game is still a work in progress. "The text is a temporary description, as the game is still in alpha development. pls don't take it too seriously," he wrote.

He then crowdsourced possible ways to label the characters to avoid offending people, making the girl the scientist and the scientist an "Old Man."

He then settled on "magazine editor" for the woman. Which, as magazine editors, we're obviously partial to – but how is a magazine editor going to help a group survive a zombie apocalypse? They could have made her a doctor, a soldier, or even a politician and she could have been more useful.

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