The Filter

There's a crazy kind of love playing near you, as suggested by the documentary named -- yep -- Crazy Love, the shockingly good story of a lifelong train wreck of a relationship that ends happily ever after (sort of). Then again, if blinding your true love with acid is too edgy for you, go see Fido, a retro tale of a family's love for their pet, except that the pet's a zombie played by Billy Connolly who -- whoops -- eats the neighbor.

But that's small-time compared to the kooky, nooky-seeking nerds in Eagle vs. Shark, a Napoleon Dynamite-esque flick from New Zealand, minus a bit of the latter's charm. The best of the lot might be Bug, starring Ashley Judd as a down-on-her-luck woman shacking up with a charming schizo who thinks his body's infested with insects.

Looking for a few crazy love songs? Try Jon McLaughlin's debut, Indiana, a piano-driven chronicling of his love-hate relationship with Hoosierville; follow with Scissors for Lefty's sophomore effort, Underhanded Romance -- indie rock in iambic pentameter. Or spin the lovable We Are the Pipettes by The Pipettes, a 21st-century trio channeling 1960s girl groups with their doo-wop sound and polka-dot dresses.

Of course, we'll be on the couch for the height of crazy, season two of HBO's Big Love, about a man who has three wives. You got a problem with that?

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